Leslie M. John

“Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity” Psalm 64:2

Apostle Paul was still a prisoner as we read in Acts Chapter 27 and he was to be brought before Caesar. God’s purposes will never fail no matter what man plans to do or what hurdles one might encounter. The charge of taking Paul and other prisoners was given to a Centurion named Julius. Paul was arrested on false charges and ever since he was arrested he was defending that he was preaching the word of the living God. God not only delivered Paul from the shipwreck but others accompanying Paul also escaped death. The ship in which they were sailing had a wreck and broke into pieces but none in the ship lost life.

“And we were in the ship, all the souls, two hundred and seventy-six”. (Acts 27:37) Every one of the two hundred seventy six people who were onboard the ship was saved. It was in the plan of God that Paul be brought before Caesar and it was done according to the purposes of God. Julius, the Centurion was kind to Paul, yet he refused to pay heed to the wise words of Paul not to venture out on sailing from ‘Fair Havens’ where they were resting for a while. The wind was contrary, but when the Centurion and others saw that south wind blew softly they gave credence to the master and the owner of the ship.

Paul had forewarned them that the voyage will be with much loss and damage, yet the Centurion and others took counsel among themselves and the master of the ship for granted. Not much time had elapsed when they all encountered a violent tempest which resulted in the ship getting uncontrollable. They sailed further and their final arrival at a place got their ship stuck in the creek. The front portion of the ship got firmly stuck in the creek and the rear portion broke into pieces.

The shipmen and others tried to escape from the boat, but Paul advised them contrary that they all should stay in the ship if they want their lives to be saved. The soldiers tried to kill those who were onboard the ship but Paul stood firm that they should not kill any one. Finally Centurion heard the words of Paul and commanded that those who knew swimming should cast themselves first into the sea and swim out to the land, and the rest should swim out to the land holding fast the broken pieces of the ship.

Notice that God’s plan through his servant prevailed and the counsel of the human beings failed. They had rescue boats to escape but could not be used. They planned to kill the sailors but failed. They saw south wind blew softly and were impatient and put their plans at work and suffered loss and damage. They refused the counsel of the spirit-filled God’s servant and took the counsel of the worldly and reaped bad consequences.

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7